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Can an invention be protected with a patent?

Before you decide to submit an application , it is important to know what can be patentable so you can see if your invention meets the requirements in order to be protected by patent .

To be patentable , an invention must e:

- new
- Contain inventive step
- Can be applied in industry

Postojati inventions that can be protected by patent.Tuka includes inventions related to animal and plant species and varieties purely biological procedures for the animals and plants , but findings on the microbiological processes and products derived from such processes , the surgical findings and postapkaili diagnostic procedure to treat living human eye or animal body , with the exception of the invention , which relates to the product , especially substance or compound that happen to use one of these procedures and inventions whose publication or use is contrary to public order or morale by making use of the invention can be considered as such only because of the fact that is prohibited by law .

Discoveries , scientific theories and mathematical methods , aesthetic creations , plans , rules and procedures for performing intellectual activities , playing games or doing business or business activities , as well as computer programs , display of information not considered inventions unless the patent does not apply to any of these items by itself .

Always before making a decision on filing an application for patent , consult with experts on patent protection in order to tell whether your invention falls within one of the above categories .

Last updated 02.09.2013