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About International Exhibitions

Construction of a modern and efficient market itself requires constant presence in the markets of developed countries , the application of international standards and catching up with the news worldwide .

State Office of Industrial Property carrying out activities in the field of promotion and popularization of industrial property , affirm igniting the creative spirit , organize events rewarding successful creative ensures participation and promotion of domestic inventions in international exhibitions .

Exhibitions and fairs are used to present new products , they are a forum for the presentation and evaluation of new ideas . Commercial transactions since ancient times laid the foundation of today's modern exhibitions and fairs now have educational educational component . In addition to contacts with potential buyers and agents ( including direct sales) many of those who expose use fairs to learn more about relevant market and collect information about the competition (competitive intelligence) World exhibitions are increasingly specialize and become thematically designed , thus follow the progress in various countries for certain topics and also develop into the world's workshop of ideas .

The exhibitions are always genuine trade shows. State Office of Industrial Property and despite modest budget , always , especially in times like these prepare video presentations , arranging the exhibition space , diverse promotional advertising material , brochures , posters , plan the main guidelines for monitoring global trends exhibiting interactive computer techniques to provides a better visual effect of the exhibits themselves .

State Office of Industrial Property each year organizes the participation of world- renowned exhibitions which were obtained over a hundred prizes of gold and silver medals , awards from governmental institutions worldwide awards from associations , and all accompanied by press conferences and a number of printed information in domestic and foreign media .

Unavoidable part of the exhibition are numerous contacts with ministers , directors of patent offices , mayors , representatives of royal families . Due to favorable reviews in the media and good reception from visitors is interested in Macedonian inventions and not lacking any offers of cooperation .

In the spirit of wisdom world exhibitions foster friendly competition between single states . Such events bring companionship which is remembered and mentioned in the speeches of eminent personalities as leitmotif for repeated meetings.


Last updated 03.09.2013