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Filing PCT applications via ePCT

As of 15.07.2022, applicants can file international patent applications through the new ePCT platform by selecting the State Office of Industrial Property of North Macedonia as receiving office.

The ePCT is a new e-filing service hosted by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). To be able to use this service, users must create an ePCT account that will enable them to file applications and to manage all the subsequent processes using ePCT platform.   

Important to note is that in parallel to ePCT, the State Office of Industrial Property will continue to accept applications in paper form.

Find out more about ePCT-Filing on the following link: https://www.wipo.int/pct-eservices/en/download/download_client.html

To create a WIPO account follow the link: https://pct.wipo.int/wipoaccounts/en/ePCT/public/register.xhtml?returnURL=%2FePCT%2F

Find out more about ePCT on: https://pct.wipo.int/ePCT/

The State Office of Industrial Property has put in place a help desk to answer questions from users of the service.

The help desk may be contacted:
– by telephone at: (+389-2) 310 36 01
– by e-mail at: epct@ippo.gov.mk