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Macedonian findings at the International Exhibition of Inventions
Macedonian inventions at the International Exhibition of Inventions
new technologies and industrial design
22-29.05 . 2013 Belgrade , Serbia

Association of inventors of Belgrade , traditionally already 33 years , organizes the International Exhibition of Inventions , New Technologies and Industrial Design a second time " Gathering of young innovators " - " PRONALAZASHTVO - BELGRADE 2013 ' , held from 22 - 29/05/2013 year , the Gallery of the aviation and PVO , Belgrade - Zemun , Serbia.

The exhibition displayed 110 innovations selected from over ten countries , among which were the most numerous in Serbia, then Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Republika Srpska, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan and Egypt.

Macedonian inventors regularly participate in the exhibition , and this year accounted for 9 SPATUM inventions , of which 2 were in the category of young innovators .
The international jury took twelve members , experts in the field of science and technology Commission worked on predefined criteria and exhibits are grouped into 3 categories (inventions, new technologies and industrial design). After reviewing the exhibits , submitted documentation by the authors and their presentation , documentation Institutes of intellectual and industrial property rights , the Commission decided to grant the awards .

The ceremony Macedonian inventors received the following awards :

· Gold medal with the image of Nikola Tesla : "Composite container bearing"
Author : Zivko Shirkoski , Prilep

· Silver medal with the image of Nikola Tesla :
1. "PCT lingerie for mothers"
Authors : Jasna Stojanovic and Tatiana Gurzhanova , Skopje

Second "Elements of universal brzomontazhno scaffold - platform"
Author : Vele Nelkovski , Skopje
3rd "KIKI biodegradable plant pot"
Authors : Dr . Anita Grozdanov and Mitko Stojanovski , Skopje

· Bronze medal with the image of Nikola Tesla :
1. "Synthesis of 4A Zeolite type of natural resource TREPEL"
Author : Blagica Cekova , Skopje

Second "Technology for ultrachist selenium"
Author : Vladimir Jakovski , Skopje
3rd "Container of liquid electric heater"
Author : Dragoljub Sesum , Skopje

Category of young innovators :

● Silver medal with the image of Nikola Tesla : " Getting biodiesel "
Author : Violeta Ingilizova , Municipal High School " Aco Ruskovski " Berovo

● Bronze medal with the image of Nikola Tesla :
" New materials pronajduvanje alternative energy sources - fulereni "
Author : Christian Azhderski , condemned " Aco Ruskovski " Berovo

State Office of Industrial Property received two " Appreciation of the character of Nikola Tesla."The participation of Macedonian inventors of this exhibition has increased interest of foreign inventors , who announced their participation in the " MAKINOVA - eco 2013" , which will be held in Skopje in October this year .

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