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Register last updated: 13.07.2024

How to search

The Help page will show you clear instructions how to use this search engine and how get want you want quickly and easily. How to use operators such as "=", ">", "<", ">=", "<=", "LIKE", "AND", "OR" to exctract the information that you are looking for.

Using this service you can find detailed information about respective IP rights. You can search for existing patents, to find out what your competition is doing, to spare your time and not to invest on something that has already been invented. You can search for trade marks, to find out if a mark like your's or similar is has been protected, is beeing used, to find information about the owner, expiration date, representative etc. You can search for industrial designs, to find out if your design are unique or similar to others.

Database Update and Database source

The database that is used for the search engine is a a copy of the production database of the SOIP, and offers access to the information of public character to the third parties.

The data is updated weekly each Friday, in order to offer to the third party world the most current information on the respective IP right.