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The State Office of Industrial Property, on April 26, marks the World Intellectual Property Day through:

- Awarding the "Patent of the Year for 2021" award

Traditionally, for the 28th time, the Director of the State Office of Industrial Property, Mr. Ibush Jusufi awarded the prize "Patent of the Year for 2021" to the applicant ZAVAR COMPANY DOO Skopje, for the invention entitled "MOBILE MIXER FOR THE DIAS" WITH VARIABLE TEMPERATURE OF LIQUID OR SEMI-MEDICAL PREPARATIONS "by the inventors: GRNAROV PAVLE, ZAHARIEV Igor and NAUMOVSKA GRNA.

- Promoting industrial property rights by setting up stands and distributing promotional material.

- The stands were placed on Macedonia Square and at the entrance of the Old Skopje Bazaar, where industrial property rights were promoted and the benefits of their protection as a basis for the successful development of every business.

This year, World Intellectual Property Day, whose ideological organization is in charge of the World Intellectual Property Organization, is marked under the sign "Intellectual Property and Youth: Innovation for a Better Future" (World Intellectual Property Day 2022 - Celebrating Creativity & Innovation link: https://www.wipo.int/portal/en/#).

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