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Patent of the Year 2006 - " Automatic continuous transmission of pressurized air into the cylinders sopirni rail vehicle type IHM"

Patent of the Year 2006 On 18 December 2006, at the hotel " Aleksandar Palace '' , organized by the National Office of Industrial Property held thirteen edition of the traditional event" Patent of the Year " 2006. The event was attended by ministers , MPs , representatives of the diplomatic corps in the country , representatives of the economy , many agents and inventors and other guests .

The event addressed and welcomed the participants , Mr. Bajram Ameti , director of the State Office of Industrial Property and Mr. Selmani , Vice President Government . The prize for the best invention or reward " Patent of the Year" in 2006 was awarded the gold medal winners of the 2006 Jena , inventors and Ivan Mickoski Christian Mickoski for invention " Automatic continuous transmission of air pressure in the cylinder sopirni rail vehicles type IHM " . The " Patent of the Year" 2006 award Mr. Selmani , Vice President Government .

The inventors were awarded a prize in the amount of 100.000,00 denars . Mr. Mickoski thanked the Office for the award , as well as support for consistent presentation of his invention at the exhibition yen . Mr. Mickoski hopes that the invention will find its application in practice and find their realization in the country . Within the event were awarded prizes by participating in the international exhibition " Ideas - Inventions - New Products -IENA2006" year . Also awarded three prizes of the competition for the best design for the " Patent of the Year" on the occasion of April 26, the World Day for Intellectual Property Office published in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science . The following students were honored : Bojan Nikolovski , a student in secondary school chemical " Maria Sklodowska Curie " from Skopje , a cash prize of 30,000.00 denars First awarded design 'single idea. " Krume Dimov , a student in school " Kiro Spandzov - Brkot Kavadarci , a cash prize of 18,000.00 denars vtoronagradeniot design " statues " .

Slavce Tanevski student in secondary school " Rade Jovcevski - Korcagin " from Skopje , a cash prize of 12,000.00 denars tretonagradeniot design for " SUBJECT spring ." To complement the festive atmosphere ensure violinist Dzorlev with its accompaniment of music with a mixture of cultures and ethnicities najralichni .


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