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Patent of the Year 2007 - "1000 watts 1 ohm AUDIO POWER high-performance"

Patent of the Year 2007 "if the root has a soul, and the soul, the sky sends LASTERI ode to joy, to rejoice and to celebrate. BECAUSE appearance of each new speech NEMIRENJETO THE CREATIVE SPIRIT Happy DIALOGUE WITH yourself, motion vs. static, ZAMOKNASPROTI transience ... "With these beautiful words opened Patent traditional event of the year held the 14th time.

Present were Minister of Education Suleiman Rusiti who personally handed the award winners, figures from public life, inventors, stop dealing with protection and others. This year is the Year of Patent Invention 1000 watts 1 ohm AUDIO POWER high performance, the inventors Ivan Popovic and Vangel Dimanovski the ceremony were given all received awards show INNOVA ENERGY Brussels 2007th

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