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April 26 World Intellectual Property Day

Today, on April 26, the State Office of Industrial Property marks World Intellectual Property Day. Given the conditions caused by the pandemic with COVID-19, this year we mark it without a public appearance.

The State Office of Industrial Property, respecting all health protocols, traditionally awarded the "Patent of the Year for 2020" award, and from the shortlist was selected the invention of Dimitrija Andjelkov from Kavadarci who with his team invented a "Respiratory Machine".

As part of the award "Patent of the Year for 2020" was awarded to innovators Boris Neskovski, for the invention "Intelligent stick for navigation of the blind" and Dragan Jovanov for the innovation "Agrofit tonic for multiple sclerosis."

This year, the Intellectual Property Day, whose conceptual organization is in charge of the World Intellectual Property Organization, is celebrated under the sign "IP and small and medium enterprises - Taking your ideas to the market".

The State Office of Industrial Property, by patenting those ideas or products, enables a more secure market position and strengthens the competitiveness of enterprises, of course, increasing the market value of small and medium-sized enterprises and increasing profit opportunities.

In this regard, the State Office of Industrial Property has repeatedly stated that small and medium-sized enterprises should value intellectual property and treat it as capital. According to previous experience, the value of the intellectual property and its potential to increase the value of the enterprise and make more profit was underestimated by small and medium enterprises. Therefore, our efforts are in the part of strengthening public awareness and pointing out that regardless of whether it is a small or medium enterprise, the idea from which the activity originated should be protected.

We as the State Office of Industrial Property will continue to support, encourage and help all those who want to protect their product or idea. At the same time, we continue to strengthen the institutional cooperation through which we protect intellectual property rights.


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