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International Conference Digital Transformation Intellectual Property Artificial Intelligence Trends

Today SOIP participates in the international conference Digital Transformation Intellectual Property Artificial Intelligence Trends organized by Rospatent Russian Federal Intellectual Property Office.

Artificial intelligence is developing at a tremendous pace, affecting all areas of life. Acting as the engine of the most important changes, the global artificial intelligence market illustrates the change in the vector of the world course of history - the degree of human influence on the course of the production cycle is gradually decreasing.

Today, one of the indicators of the growth in demand for AI technologies is the increase in the number of organizations and government bodies using artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of their activities. The development of artificial intelligence technologies is attracting investments from legal entities and individuals.

However, without creating the necessary conditions for the further development of artificial intelligence, there is no chance to build an effective economic model of the future. Today we can see humanity is facing a dilemma, where is the border between human creativity and AI? How can we avoid the devastating effects of AI on the business community? What should be the new regulatory system? And what are the challenges intellectual property field is facing? These and other issues are going to be discussed within the framework of the Conference "Digital transformation: IP&AI trends.


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