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40th Makinova 2019 and 17th Ekonova 2019

The Deputy Director of the State Office for Industrial Property, Mr. Goran Gerasimovski attended the opening of this year's MAKINOVA & EKONOVA exhibitions.

MAKINOVA is held for the 40th time in our country. It exhibits inventions, innovations, new technologies and products, technical advancements, industrial design, trademarks, and research and youth creativity.

The MAKINOVA 2019 exhibition is associated with the 17th time with the EKONOVA 2019 exhibition of innovations, inventions, and ideas aimed at improving the environment.

The State Office of Industrial Property this year also awards the best, supporting inventors in our country.

The inventions can be seen in the next two days at the Museum of the City of Skopje, with prizes being shared on Sunday.


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