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Makinova Awards 2018

The State Office of Industrial Property as an institution within the promotional activities of industrial property rights, for years, supports the holding of exhibitions of inventions, innovations, new technologies, industrial design and youth creativity and participates in the awarding of awards through its members in jury commission. Traditionally, each year, the Office awards plaques and cash prizes in the category of registered or protected patent / design, a woman innovator and a young innovator.

On 39th Makinova and 16. Ekonoma 2018, that were held in the period from 24-28.10.2018 and was organized by SPATUM, the State Office of Industrial Property distributed the following awards:

1. An award for the applied patent to Argirovski Vasil, from Skopje, for the invention "A device for side-rolling of vehicles"
2. Award for a woman innovator for the invention "Adsorption capacity of zeolite 4A heavy metals from the soil" to Blagica Cekova, from Skopje
3. Award for a young innovator to the student Mario Peovski from Berovo for the invention "Tesla’s circuits".

At this event, once more was confirmed the creativity, dedication and engagement of the inventors, and especially the young innovators in the realization and presentation of their inventions.


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